Based in Alberta, Canada, nFluids was founded on leading edge research from the University of Calgary.  Drs. Geir Hareland, Maen Husein, and Mohammad Zakaria demonstrated the effectiveness of adding nanoparticles in a drilling mud to reduce filter cake permeability, reduce coefficient of friction and increase core sample fracture pressure. This research initiated three patent applications and spurred interest from a number of oil and gas technology players. In 2012, nFluids was incorporated as an independent company to solve oil and gas drilling fluid challenges using custom-designed nanotechnology.

Today, the Company is fully sustainable, which it credits to a persistent management team, board of directors, technical staff, and the incubation services of Innovate Calgary.  The team’s focus forms the basis of four filed patent applications that define nFluids’ technology platform.

Using similar processes and materials, nFluids plans to use the technology to solve related challenges in other industries.

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We are a Canadian technology company commercializing a leading edge nanoparticle technology platform.