Smaller. Better. Nano.

nFluids Inc. is an innovative nanotechnology company that designs and manufactures cost-effective nanoparticle additives for a variety of industrial challenges. The company was founded on cutting edge research, and the technology is currently being commercialized.

Unique Solutions.

By using controlled chemical reactions, we are able to control the size, shape, functionality, and final concentration of nanoparticles. This mechanism allows us to offer unique solutions to our clients for high-volume bulk processes or bespoke applications.

Small Particles. Big Achievements.

Our goal is to leverage our knowledge and understanding of this technology to solve a number of industrial challenges. Find out more about nFluids’ recent achievements in the world of nanoparticles.

nForcer™. Getting more with less.

nForcer™, our first commercial product, is a high-performing, multi-functional drilling fluid additive compatible with all mud types. nForcer™ is a true platform technology, in that there are multiple applications not only in oil and gas but also in a variety of other industries.

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We are a Canadian technology company commercializing a leading edge nanoparticle technology platform.