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For oil and gas drilling fluid companies that want superior performance from their fluid additives, nForcerTM can deliver multiple benefits to all mud types. Unlike other drilling fluid additives, nForcerTM has the potential to replace numerous products and form the backbone of the next generation in drilling fluids.

The nForcerTM Advantage:

  • Custom designed nanoparticle chemistry
  • Compatible: WBM & OBM/SBM systems, other filtration/LCM products
  • Dispersible in low-shear rig environments
  • Effective at low concentration (0.5 wt%)
  • Non-reactive, non-toxic, non-polluting & acid-soluble
  • Minimal impact on basic mud properties

Reduced Oil On Cuttings

As drilled cuttings return to the surface and pass through a shale shaker, vibrating screens help separate solids larger than the mesh size and direct them for disposal.  However, a certain amount of drilling fluid is retained on the cuttings in the form of a thin film and is therefore wasted.  Field data demonstrated that nForcer™ reduced oil on cuttings by up to 38%, which reduces costs and the environmental impact by returning more mud back to the system.

Reduced Drilling Mud Losses

Loss of drilling mud is a leading cause of non-productive time (NPT) and formation damage.  Therefore, its mitigation is critical to the success of drilling operations and future production.  The use of nForcer™ has demonstrated up to a 70% reduction in total HTHP fluid loss, which provides cost savings to the oil and gas operator.

Improved Wellbore Strengthening

During drilling into friable formations such as shale or coal, the nForcer™ nanoparticles have the ability to consolidate and strengthen the near wellbore region, prevent stuck drilling pipe due to sloughing, and at the same time increase fracture pressure resistance by up to 60%.  This has further implications for mono-bore well designs and re-fracturing possibilities.

Improved Lubrication

Friction between the drill pipe and the wellbore has a direct impact on the drilling costs as well as the life of the downhole equipment.  nForcer™ has the ability to reduce friction and wear in two ways: (1) coating the surface of the drill pipe and (2) producing a thinner, smoother, filter cake at the wellbore face.  This reduction in friction increases the rate of penetration (ROP) and enhances horizontal reach.  Lab testing has shown up to 50% reduction in the coefficient of friction.

nFluids Solutions / Cost Savings

nFluids Benefit

Thinner, stronger filter cake

Resulting in up to: 70% reduction in drilling fluid loss

  • Less formation damage
  • Reduced rig downtime

Potential Cost Savings:

Typical well 3,500 m3, 3-5 m3 lost / 100 m drilled

  • Assume HTHP Fluid Loss Reduction (FLR) = 60%
  • Drilling fluid cost: $1,000-1,500 / m3 (WTI $80+ /bbl)
  • Drilling fluid cost: $700 (WTI $30-40 /bbl)

Potential cost savings: $45-150k per well

nFluids Benefit

Strengthened core, increase in fracture pressure resistance up to 60%.

Resulting in: 

  • Reduction of rig downtime

Potential Cost Savings:

  • $42k per/day

nFluids Benefit

Enhanced lubrication up to 50% reduction in friction (metal-on-metal)

Resulting in:

  • Faster drilling and longer reach

Potential Cost Savings:

  • $42k per/day

nFluids Benefit

Up to 38% reduction of oil on cuttings

Resulting in:

  • Less trucking, remediation & disposal costs

Potential Cost Savings:

  • Drilling fluid losses to cuttings: 10 m3 per well
  • Potential cost saving per well = $10k – $15k

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