Dr. Jeff Forsyth

Dr. Jeff Forsyth

Dr. Jeff Forsyth


Phone: (403) 617-4357
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Jeff is a highly experienced and diversified Senior Oil and Gas professional who has worked successfully in a variety of technical and business roles from R&D to Field Operations, Technical Services and Business Development. He is widely published and a holder of various patents.  Notable assignments include Cenovus Energy, Oilflow Solutions and Sheffield Hallam University.

Jeff has worked for Schlumberger on a variety of oil industry projects at the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral level. These have included the development of methods for the in-situ characterizing of pore lining minerals in oil bearing rocks and the development of novel polymeric products for in-situ sand consolidation.  Jeff has also worked extensively on the development of incremental and enhanced oil recovery technologies in Canada and abroad. Additionally, he has been involved in industrial consultancy and the development of clay-nano-composites.

Jeff brings global experience working with various Oil & Gas, Technology, Chemical and Service companies. He has lead projects from conceptualization to successful commercial deployment and has effectively built and managed both small and large multidisciplinary teams. Jeff has been responsible for strategic product development to develop viable techno-economic solutions to industry related problems in areas such as  completion and stimulation fluids, scale and corrosion mitigation, nano scale coatings and composites, polymers, surfactants, enhanced oil recovery, oil reservoir geochemistry and water based drilling muds.

He worked for Oilflow Solutions from 2004 to 2011 having held progressively more Senior Management positions in R&D, Technical Services and Business Development.

In 2013 Jeff moved to Cenovus Energy Inc. as Principal Geochemist in order to set up a Geochemical Center of Excellence focused on improving SAGD processes above and below ground. He joined nFluids in February 2016.