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Our Patented Process

Production of Nanoparticles

nFluids designs and manufactures cost-effective nanoparticles using a bottom up approach.  This chemical process gives us total control over the size, shape, concentration and functionality of the end product.  Historically the production of nanoparticles has been convoluted, lacked consistency, was environmentally challenging and ultimately too expensive. nFluids has broken the mold and we are leading the Canadian industry as one of the only companies that can manufacture client-specific nanoparticles.  Our goal is to provide bespoke, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly nanoparticles to solve a wide range of industry challenges.

Nanoparticles for Oil and Gas

For oil and gas drilling fluid companies that want higher performance from their fluid additives, we have a product called “nForcer” that can deliver multiple benefits to all mud types.  Unlike other drilling fluid additives, nForcerTM has the potential to replace multiple products and form the backbone of the next generation in drilling fluids.

Our nForcerTM product is a 20% liquid-based nanoparticle concentrate that can be added directly to the active mud system.  We are also developing a high concentration and dry product with > 70% nanoparticle concentration through a joint development relationship.

A by-product of our process is a 10% NaCl (sodium chloride brine) which can be recycled for stimulation and drilling products (well completion) and sold as a commodity. We are currently looking for a market for this product to further reduce our environmental footprint and reduce costs.

nFluids’ nanoparticles have demonstrated the ability to reduce HPHT fluid-loss, reduce total mud losses while drilling, increase the fracture pressure in shales and sandstone cores, and reduce the coefficient of friction in standard API lubricity testing.

The nForcerTM additive can be added to oil and gas drilling fluid of any type:
  • Hydro-treated oil based mud
  • Mineral oil based mud systems
  • Synthetic mud systems
  • Water based mud

Over the past four years, we have filed 4 patent applications that formed the basis of numerous PhD and Master’s research work and have attracted the attention of all the major service companies and global operators.  Our initial 9 field tests demonstrated that the lab results closely matched down-hole performance. 2016 is about field testing our 2nd generation nForcer™ product and bringing it to commerciality.

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We are a Canadian technology company commercializing a leading edge nanoparticle technology platform.